Artist: Erin Rae (of Erin Rae & The Meanwhiles)
Hometown: Nashville, TN
Latest Album: Soon Enough
Personal Nicknames: Ernie, Big E


I love this dog SO MUCH.

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Who is the most surprising artist in current rotation on your iTunes/Spotify?
Judee Sill, Wings, Lil Wayne

Who would play you in the Lifetime movie of your life?
Hopefully Kirsten Dunst, or Keri Russell

If the After-Life exists, what song will be playing when you arrive?
"Get Your Roll On" by Big Tymers or "This Time Around" by Helen Stellar


@charliechirp At Pete's Garden

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What brand of toothpaste do you use?

What's your beverage of choice?
Orange juice

What's your favorite TV show?
Modern Family or United States of Tara

Star Wars or Star Trek?
Star Wars

Taylor Swift or Ryan Adams?
I have SO much admiration for Taylor Swift, but I'm gonna have to say Ryan Adams.

Coffee or tea?
Coffeeeeee -- or High Garden Teas in Nashville!

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